I dont know weda na confusion abi na lie lie dey do Buhari govt- Reno Omokri


Wetin dey hapun for awa susaiti now be sey Reno Omikiri don follow niuz pipo yan on top Buhari Administration again. This time the bros tok sey him no even understand wetin the government dey do or wan do.

Bros Reno tok say sometimes im dey wonder the kain water wey this government dey drink sef.

Reno sey ” Sometimes I wonder whether the President Muhammadu Buhari led administration is confused or perhaps it is untruthful or maybe if it is forgetful! How can you have a bumper harvest and then say that famine is imminent in the same breath? That is how they accused Goodluck Jonathan of looting $15 billion put of $10 billion!”


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17 thoughts on “I dont know weda na confusion abi na lie lie dey do Buhari govt- Reno Omokri

  1. amaka

    Iberibe da kwa gi.

  2. Gilberth

    Why would he say that? He Reno keeps backing from the back. Let him come forth and say what he wants. I am not Igbo but I admire Ifeanyi Uba. He speaks what he knows not like Reno

  3. abayomi

    Buhari and recession be like….u understand me

  4. Reno

    I feel this man is making sense. Nigerians should listen to him

  5. Anonymous

    Let dem gives us awa biafra

  6. merly

    But why? Buhari why?

  7. sabo

    Reno talks anyhow. He seeks attention

  8. okeke

    Military is the way forward

  9. Anonymous

    Naija is doomed

  10. Anonymous

    Mtcheewwww. Who e hep?

  11. Mercy

    @Samson. Its not your fault. You still have mouth to talk? If u understand what the average Nigerian is facing then you would know that something is wrong with this govt

  12. samson

    Tell Reno to shut up. What does he know about politics? If he thinks its easy let him come and do it na. What has he done even for himself?

  13. Seth

    I dey gbadu una headline this PidginNews pipo. Up you

  14. chris

    I have said it before and will continue to say it this govt cannot take us anywhere. Its only Gods kingdom can do it

  15. Merilyn

    Wen the person in power is older than ur grand father what do u expect

  16. Mercy

    Me sef I dey wonder too

  17. Ekeson

    Na wah for this govt oo

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