Fuel finish for my jet- man wey dey fly from Benin to UK


Sapele—Yawa gas for one witch doctor head wen im power to fly for night fail am. The witch doctor tell media pipo sey im been dey fly from Benin Airport, Edo State, to attend one  meeting wey im members get for United Kingdom and to yuz that opportunity watch futbol match.

As the witch doctor tek put am, kasala burst for road, wen fuel finish for im private jet; that one come mek am fall yakata inside Ajogodo River, Sapele, for Delta State.

The witch doctor tok sey: “I was flying in with what is known in the physical realm as ‘Plantain Leaf,’ but it is actually my expensive private jet in the coven realm.

“It crashed me into this bridge, when the fuel in it finished. My members will be here tonight to refuel it for me, so I can continue my journey to the UK.

“I have to be in the UK to watch football, because there is economic recession, unemployment and inflation in Nigeria.”

Fuel finish for my jet-

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One thought on “Fuel finish for my jet- man wey dey fly from Benin to UK

  1. Peter

    No be small yawa. Economic recession on top plantain leaf private jet. Deris God oooooo. Pipul dey find that type of jet to yiuz enter UK without visa. Oga witch-man abeg them fit consult you? I have clients waiting…..Laugh wan kill me.

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