Man use 43 years for wheelchair because of mistake


One Portuguese man wey im name na Rufino Borrego don yuz 43 years for wheelchair bicos of mistake for medical diagnosis.

Wen Rufino Borrego dey 13 years, dokita been tok sey him get muscular dystrophy, wey no get remedy or solution.

Na so the dokita and hospital people tek pack the man and im life one side until e come reach year 2010 wen anoda dokita, wey be neurologist come see sey na anoda tin na im dey do the man so oo, sey na only one small sickness wey dey mek person weak for muscle, myasthenia, na im dey do the man.

“We thought it was a miracle,” Manuel Melao, wey be the owner of the cafe in Alandroal, southeast Portugal, tok so.

Mr, Borrego yarn sey him no  dey vex for the dokita and hospital wey pack im life one side for 40 years now, as e be sey for that 1960 time the kind disease wey him get, myasthenia, pipul no too  too sabi am that time.

him sey “I just want to make use of my life.”

Him  no dey yuz wheelchair again but him don dey live beta life now, dey waka as him like.



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