Nigeria Prison dey give women belle



National Human Rights Commission don yarn sey plenti plenti women wey dey for Naija prison carry belle.

The oga kpatakpata wey be Executive Secretary for the commission, Prof. Bem Angwe, na im tok am wen the National President, National Council of Women Societies, Mrs. Gloria Shoda, go im office for Abuja on Monday.


Angwe tok sey na wen dem do general check up, national audit for those wey dey prison house for Naija.

“In our prisons today, we have a lot of nursing mothers who are being locked up with their children and are nursing these children in the prison cells.


“We also have instances where such women who are still carrying babies in prison are also pregnant.


“It is also sad to note that more than 90 per cent of these nursing mothers are still awaiting trial. These are women that should have been released on bail while awaiting their trial.


“But they are kept there in prison with their children who are made to serve prison terms when their mothers are not yet convicted,’’ Angwe tok.


Angwe tok sey the one wey pain am pass be sey no amount of moni wey dem fit give women wey carry belle for prison wey go reach the kind tin the women or children dey pass through for that kind place.


“One therefore wonders how in a situation where such mothers are eventually discharged as innocent citizens, how much compensation can be given to a child who is made to pass through the conditions that we presently have in our prisons.’’


“We must recognise the fact that in spite of the huge campaign toward eliminating all kinds of discrimination against women, we still have in existence some form of discriminatory acts against women.


“Many of these acts are hidden under what we call culture and this has contributed largely to the huge number of cases we receive that represent the violation of the rights of all women.

“In Nigeria today, many parents are still discriminating against their female children with respect to enrolment in schools.


“Many parents are still unwilling to invest their resources on their female children and tend to consider the male as being their priority, this is unacceptable.’’


“The society which comprises of over 80 million women should not be used for political purposes.


“The NHRC will not stand back and watch the leadership of the NCWS follow politicians because you are supposed to be neutral.”

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