Solution for HIV disease don dey now


Mata wey dey waka for air dey show sey the ogbonge HIV disease wey don kpai meni meni pipo fit don get cure, as e be say some guys wey oyinbo call scientist, don arrange one new concotion, wey dem give one man wey dey 44 years old.

The 44-year-old man na the the first of 50 pipo wey don tek the concotion wey scientists and doctors from  five university for britain arrange.

The scientists been follow Sunday Times for London yarn sey “the virus is completely undetectable in the man’s blood, although that could be as a result of regular drugs.”


However, if the dormant cells are also cleared out it could represent the first complete cure.


Samuels sey, “This is one of the first serious attempts at a full cure for HIV. We are exploring the real possibility of curing HIV. This is a huge challenge and it’s still early days but the progress has been remarkable.”


Those wey follow arrange the concotion na researchers wey come from the universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College, London, University College, London and King’s College, London.


HIV no be easy disease to cure because e dey kill the immune system, splicing itself into the DNA of T-cells wey dey mek the disease get plenti power for person body.

The new concotion wey Scientist arrange get two stages. Number one, the concotion dey help mek the person bodi fit know where HIV don touch for person body and e go remove the virus kiakia. Number 2, one new concotion wey the name na Vorinostat dey charge dormant T-cells mek them fit see the disease inside person immune system.


One consultant for Imperial College London,  Prof. Sarah Fidler, follow yarn sey  the new concotion fit commot all the yama yama HIV viruses, for person body.


Fidler tok sey, “It has worked in the laboratory and there is good evidence it will work in humans too, but we must stress we are still a long way from any actual therapy.


“We will continue with medical tests for the next five years and at the moment we are not recommending stopping ART but in the future, depending on the test results, we may explore this.”


Timothy Brown na the only person wey don get cure for HIV disease bicos him get Cell transplant for 2008.

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