STD (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) na ‘disease’ wey dey flai from pesin to pesin bodi. Dat one fit hapun wen man an wuman rob bodi togeda. Weda pesin get moni or e no get, STD fit kach or him go kach STD. E no dey luk pesin face oo. No bi onli sey STD fit put pesin to shame, but e fit dabaru pesin life. e fit mek man or woman no get pikin for life.

Wetin mek STD dey waka wel wel from pesin to pesin bodi, na bikos to sey plenti plenti pipul tink sey na onli wen man and woman rob bodi (Sexual intercourse), di diseases dey waka enta for dem bodi. Dem no no sey pesin fit kach STD from “skin-to-skin contact with an infected area or sore”. Dat one mean sey if pesin wey no get STD kary bodi rob pesin wey get am for wia d diseases don dey grow for di oda pesin bodi, him sef wey no get am bifor fit kary am.

Anoda lie lie wey pipul dey beliv for STD bi sey, pesin no fit get am if na maut di man yuz rob di woman ‘private’ or di woman yuz maut rob di man private, an if di man jam d woman for ha anus(Oral Sex or Anal Sex). Dat one na lie oo. Bikos sey di yama yama (virus or bacteria) wey dey kary STD enta pesin bodi fit folo wunjo (cuts or tear) wey dey pesin ‘mouth, anus or privet’ enta oo.

Dis STDs dey enta plenti plenti pipul bodi bikos pesin no fit no weda anoda pesin get am or not. Dat one mean sey dem no dey rait am for pesin face mek evri bodi tek sabi who get am an who no get. Di koko be sey plenti pipul today no no sey dem get STD for bodi. An na so dem fit kary di Disease dash dem wife or husband.

If you see som tins wey show sey you get STD, an if dokita don trit you for STD bifor, but e com be sey dem no trit am wel, mek you waka tear race now now dey go Hospital oo, mek water no pass garri for your bodi.

Article Translated by James Obasi.

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