SARS to go car wash and dry cleaner, IG tok so


Oga for Naija police wey be Inspector-General, Ibrahim Idris, don warn all the pipul wey dey Special Anti-Robbery Squad operatives (SARS), sey mek dem be careful for the way dem dey tek handle pipul wey commit offence and the way dem dey tek kpai pipul any how, as e be sey police for any where no get power to kpai pesin wey be criminal suspect.


Bros Idris tell SARS pipul dem mek dem respet their sef and oda pipul go dey give dem respect. Him tok sey the kind eye wey Naija pipul dey tek look SARS no be beta eye oo. Na only if SARS fit put fool stop to wetin dem dey do na that time pipul go like dem.


Bros even yarn sey all SARS pipul go go car wash and dry cleaner mek dem fit dey clean well well and do their job as e suppose be, no be to dey kpai pipul any how.

“You should conduct yourself to the admiration of the people. Don’t portray yourself as a demon. SARS is not devilish; you have to change the face of SARS by handling cases justly. Don’t turn the complainant into a criminal. You have to be sincere in dealing with the public.”

Idris tok sey pipul wey get beta brain and intelligence go stat to dey direct SARS for meni meni tins dem wan do from now on.


As the IG tek put am SARS go get anoda logo and ID card wey dem go dey yus now  and dem go dey for under the control of Police Commissioner, those wen dey Lagos and Abuja go dey answer sir and ma to Inspector-General of Police for their area.


IG sey, “You should respect the constitutional right of every Nigerian; you don’t have authority to take lives, you don’t have authority to change a civil case to a criminal case, you don’t have the right to torture suspects.


Bros yarn sey mek SARS no too dey carry plenti knock outs and bullets, and mek dem stop to dey yus  gara gara dey intimidate pipul anyhow.
















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