Train kill one pesin for Enugu


ENUGU—Kasala burst yesterday wen one train driver jam buses and market pipo for Ogbete Main Market, Enugu, and kill one bros wey im name na Ikechukwu.


The driver of the train been no blow im horn from far, but na wen im don dey near where pipo dey im come blow the horn. Before that time e don too late for pipo to run commot for road. That one come mek many many pipo collect injury full body


Eye wwy see the thing hapun live, ya sey na from Port Harcourt, Rivers State, the train been dey come from, and e remain small mek it jam one keke maruwa for Zik Avenue intersection before e come finally kill the man wey die for Ogbete Market


One of the drivers wey for die for the train gbege tok sey “God saved us because what the man driving the train planned was to massacre people and set the whole place on fire. If not for God, who moved the vehicles out miraculously, we all would have perished.”


Anoda eye wey see the drama, businessman at Ogbete Market, Mr. Lawrence Eze, tok sey “the train man always drives recklessly and he does not like to sound his horn, until he is close to the level crossing.”


Wen pipo follow Enugu State Police Public Relations Officer, Ebere Amaraizu, tok sey na true true sey the tin hapun ooo. im tok sey na bad tin be that.

im tok sey im no no why the train driver go run that kind speed and im no blow horn, mek pipo tek commit for road.

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