University for obodo oyinbo fit reduce the tuition money


Tori wey jus dey enta now be sey the Regional Manager Africa, United Kingdom Education Advisory Service, Bukky Awofisayo, don tok sey the kind suffer suffer wey dey on top Naija economy plus sey the dollar money tok go up don mek more than 50 Universities for obodo, give student fron Naija opportunity mek dem pay their school fees small small. 

As she tek tok the mata, papa and mama of student wey won go school for abroad go get chance mek them fit follow school yarn on top schoolfess reduction and how dem go fit tek the pay the schoolfees for their children mek wahala no dey between them and school if their chidren no fit pay schoolfees. Dem go also get opportunity to do visa application for free.

see as she tek put am for queen english.

“Recognising the economic situation at this time, we have initiated discussions with our partner universities so that they can provide flexible payment options and possibly some fee reduction to our Nigerian students, parents and professionals who want to expand their career horizon by acquiring a globally recognised qualification.

“The aim of the expo is to provide prospective students who are desirous of an international education and degree with the opportunity to meet face to face with representatives of international universities. Interested participants can visit our website to register for the event or just come to the venues on the day to take advantage of the benefits available as entry is free.”

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