Zika Virus Dey Cause Fear For South America!

Yanma yanma disease from mosquito wey dey mek small pikin brain dey small don dey mek evry body dey run up an down for Brazil. De disease self dey carry leg waka enta oda Caribbean countries. Dis disease first show face for Easter Island for Chile last year Febuary an na Brazil and Columbia bi im next bustop. Hmmm!
De name wey dem carry giv de disease na Zika Virus. Zika na forest for Uganda an na for inside dis forest dem first see dis virus for Monkey body for 1947. Di bad luck wey folo dis virus bi sey e no get cure o.

On Tuesday, Ministry of Health for dis area confam sey 400 pikin wey jus enta dis world for wan area for Brazil get wan kain small head. Dia head no rich correct baby head wey bi 33-38cm for size.

Dem beg women wey get belle mek dem go see doctor jeje an mek dem no chop mericine wey oyinbo doctor no giv dem.
Dem tok sey mek dem pregnant women dey run from mosquito, sey dis mosquito wey im name na 'Aedes Aegypti' danger wel wel.

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